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MEMF ยป How common are sexual problems

How common are sexual problems

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Traditional sexual problems, such as erectile dysfunction in men and the inability to achieve orgasm in women, are most often associated with old age. However, the study shows that a large percentage of sexually active men and women aged 18-23 complained of similar dysfunctions in the past year.

Statistics show that the frequency of sexual problems in this age range is about 35%. Disaggregated by sex, these rates are higher for young women. 40% of them experienced more persistent sexual problems during the last year. For boys, the percentage is slightly lower – about 30%.

The most common form of sexual dysfunction in young women is the difficulty or inability to achieve orgasm. Right after this problem, low sex drive or low libido is the percentage.

In young men, premature ejaculation is most common, and in second place is the difficulty of achieving and maintaining an erection.

The data comes from a large-scale UK survey, but scientists say it has something to do with the prevalence of sexual harassment among young people around the world. It is clearly stated that the problems of a sexual nature in young women are mainly psycho-emotional manifestations, while in men they are rather physical. According to scientists, the frequency of both types of problems gradually decreases with age, reaching a minimum value by about 30 years. At this moment, representatives of both sexes have maximum knowledge and confidence in their own sexual powers, and the quality of sexual contacts is minimally influenced by external factors.

In conclusion, scientists note that mild sexual problems in the first years after puberty are normal. However, the study also puts a new perspective on this type of problem among young people. Scientists believe that sexual problems at a younger age should be looked at from a different angle.

The tendency at this age is to focus mainly on the importance of protective equipment and protection against unwanted pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases. It’s time to add to these important aspects of sex the problem of sexual disorders. It is clear that at a young age they are milder and easier to overcome than in older men and women, but the fact is that such problems still occur. Higher awareness of them will make it easier to overcome them to improve the quality of the sexual life of young people.

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