Addicted to sex

Have we heard of any addictions? However, it turns out that sex addiction is also a fairly common problem.

This is an obsessive need for sex, like drug addicts and alcoholics. Sex addiction can also be an extremely dangerous condition, negatively affecting relationships, quality of life, and safety. This addiction is common but rarely diagnosed.

What are the symptoms?

Sex addiction often remains hidden. Many addicts are good at hiding their problems even from their partners, friends, and other family members. However, sometimes the symptoms are obvious. A person may be suffering from sexual addiction if:

  • Has chronic obsessive sexual thoughts and fantasies;
  • Has frequent sexual contact with different people, including strangers;
  • Lies to hide the truth;
  • The most important goal for him is sex, even if it interferes with work, family and daily activities;
  • His desires cannot be controlled;
  • Experiencing an irresistible need to play a dominant role in sex;
  • Feelings of remorse or guilt after intercourse;
  • Any other negative effects associated with sex.

Because sex addiction is difficult to diagnose, it’s important to note that enjoyment and desire for sex has nothing to do with addiction.

The addict cannot control his sexual impulses, and the person himself usually does not deny the harmful consequences of such behavior. It cannot be controlled in other areas of life associated with this addiction.


Unlike other addictions, here we cannot deprive the patient of sex for the rest of his life. Sex is a normal and vital human function. The addict must distinguish between healthy and unhealthy sexual behavior, and this can take a long time. In some societies, anonymous communication and support groups exist, sometimes medication is prescribed, or a psychologist or psychiatrist intervenes. However, in all cases, professional intervention is necessary.


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