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MEMF ยป Allergic to orgasms

Allergic to orgasms

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Allergy to orgasms is a heavy burden for some men

Can sex have side effects? Oddly enough, the answer to this question is yes, and unfortunately, the side effects of sex are not always the same. There are people for whom sex causes a cascade of polar sensations, and from the peak of pleasure, they very quickly turn into extremely negative emotions. These are people with the so-called post-orgasmic illness syndrome. Because of its manifestations, the condition is often referred to as orgasm allergy. It is very rare and mostly affects men.

The first manifestations of the syndrome in young people who do not have serious sexual experiences are frightening. According to experts, it is difficult for these people to hide their worsened physical and emotional state after sex, which sometimes lasts for days. One of the most frustrating features of PTSD is the tendency for symptoms to worsen over time.

The most typical symptoms of the postgastric syndrome are similar to those of the flu or a severe allergic reaction. For this reason, this condition is also called orgasm allergy. Symptoms include a runny nose, fever, headache, redness, swelling of the eyes, severe fatigue, etc.

Another feature of the syndrome of post-gas disease is very characteristic. These complaints appear both after sex with a partner and after masturbation.

Allergy to orgasm is diagnosed extremely rarely and today only a few hundred cases have been recorded in medical practice. Almost exclusively men get sick. Complaints last from 1-2 days to a week and often disappear spontaneously after this period. Unfortunately, they reappear after another experienced orgasm.

Why a specific allergy to orgasms develops and what causes sexual addiction, which mainly affects men, is still unclear. According to one hypothesis, an imbalance of certain chemical compounds in the brain plays a role. According to another point of view, the syndrome of post-gas disease is caused by autoimmune disorders leading to allergic reactions. The reasons are still only speculated.

The unknown etiology of orgasm allergy is the reason why this condition is still incurable. This is a serious physical and emotional burden in the lives of those affected. But understanding on the part of a partner can help at least partially mitigate purely emotional manifestations.

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