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MEMF ยป Chronic fatigue – early onset of menopause

Chronic fatigue – early onset of menopause

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Women are about three times more likely to develop chronic fatigue syndrome than men. Usually, this condition forever enters the life of a woman after 40.

American experts from the US Centers for Disease Prevention and Control suspect that chronic fatigue is associated with an earlier onset of menopause.

Their findings are based on research published in the online edition of the journal Menopause last week. It included data from 84 women with chronic fatigue and another 73 women in good physical health.

The research team found that women who experience chronic fatigue actually suffer from a number of pathological processes. These women are 12 times more likely to experience pelvic pain that is not tied to the menstrual cycle. 74% of them suffer from heavy menstrual bleeding, 49% – from longer periods, and 38% – from amenorrhea.

Chronic fatigue in women can also be associated with hormone therapy, which is taken to prevent unwanted pregnancy, regulate the menstrual cycle, or to relieve signs of menopause and bone loss – 57%.

Much more often than chronic fatigue – 66% complain of those who have gynecological interventions in their medical history, including hysterectomy.

At this stage, researchers have not found an explanation for the link between chronic fatigue and early menopause. But the study is another confirmation of the existence of such a correlation.

Another recent study showed that certain gynecological conditions, such as endometriosis and menstrual problems, also signal premature ovarian failure in a woman.

That is why experts advise doctors to pay more attention to the condition of patients after gynecological interventions and inflammatory diseases of the pelvic organs, given the high likelihood of developing chronic fatigue syndrome.

Signs of this syndrome are pain in the joints and muscles, problems with sleep and memory, and exhaustion.

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