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MEMF » Five Resolutions that Quitting Smoking Could Make Easier

Five Resolutions that Quitting Smoking Could Make Easier

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Giving up smoking is always a popular New Year’s resolution. Cutting out cigarettes is obviously much better for your health, but did you know that going smoke-free could help your other resolutions too?

Get More Exercise

If you’re planning to get fit this year and make a return to the gym, quitting smoking will help you improve your performance. Smoking can make you short of breath, which is never going to help you when you work out.

Save Money

Aiming to spend less money and boost your savings this year? The average smoker spends around $250 a month on smoking. That’s a great beginning to your savings account.

Drink Less

Doing Dry January, or just trying to drink less alcohol in 2022? For many smokers, cigarettes and a few drinks go hand in hand, so while you give up, you may find yourself avoiding the pub to stay away from temptation. That’s two resolutions in one!

Stick to a Skincare Routine

Is 2019 your year for glowing, gorgeous skin? Looking after your face will be much easier without cigarettes. Smoking leaves skin dry, discolored, and damaged.

Get Heart Healthy

Smoking is one of the leading causes of heart disease. Quitting lowers your blood pressure almost immediately and reduces your risk of a heart attack significantly.

If you need a helping hand to quit smoking, try our range of Stop Smoking Aids.

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