Guest Post – YES Lubricant & Breastfeeding

After childbirth, oestrogen levels decline naturally and women who breastfeed have high levels of prolactin that can suppress oestrogen production. Decreased oestrogen levels can cause urogenital atrophy, vaginal dryness being one of the symptoms along with itching, burning, irritation and painful sex. This lack of oestrogen may also cause urinary symptoms such as urgency and frequency. The regular use of YES VM vaginal moisturiser to gently rehydrate vaginal tissue will help alleviate these symptoms. In addition, using YES WB or YES OB lubricants for sex can ease discomfort and enhance pleasure.

What makes YES a natural choice for pregnant, post-natal and breastfeeding women?

Many women experience vaginal dryness during pregnancy and after delivery caused by hormonal changes. This is a difficult and sensitive topic that is familiar to many but talked about by a few. Books on pregnancy seldom mention the vaginal, vulval and perineal discomfort that can occur, leading to a lack of sexual relations during pregnancy and post-natal intimacy. Vaginal dryness can become even more noticeable and uncomfortable during breastfeeding. YES, products can help to make sex more comfortable and ease intimate dryness and discomfort at any time of life.

Why do so many women’s health experts recommend YES?

YES, products represent a radical and innovative breakthrough in lubricant technology. Formulated by women for women and using natural plant polymers instead of traditional glycerine, mineral oil, propylene glycol or silicone-based ingredients all of which can be irritating to sensitive intimate tissues.

Certified organic and formulated without ethical or chemical compromises, YES will promote rather than compromise vaginal health and restore the comfort and confidence essential for resuming sex after childbirth.

The organic certification guarantees the safety of YES products, offering reassurance that they are free from the potentially harmful chemicals that are preferable to avoid during pregnancy and after childbirth.

“YES is an invaluable resource for all pregnant and postnatal couples as it brings natural relief from vaginal dryness brought on by hormonal fluctuations and increases the potential for sexual arousal during this time of transition. Being completely natural, YES is a perfect addition to a healthy pregnancy. I recommend it to all mums as their choice lubricant for genital massage. Not only does it feel good, but it also brings a guilt-free pleasure as there are no extra chemicals going into your baby.” (Rachel Foux, Women’s health and holistic healing, maternity and fertility therapist, psychosexual therapist.)

Post-Baby Sex – Where have all the good times gone?

The lack of natural lubrication during breastfeeding or the fear of painful sex after childbirth can be greatly relieved by the use of a water-based, certified organic, pH-balanced lubricant such as YES WB.  Most standard lubricants are formulated with glycerine which can lead to thrush but YES is free from glycerine, parabens and all known skin irritants and is recommended by health professionals worldwide. For longer-lasting lubrication with healing and soothing properties YES OB Plant-oil-based lubricant is a good choice and can also be used for perineal massage in the last few weeks of pregnancy. YES DG Double Glide offers the best of both worlds – water and oil used together (water over oil) for the ultimate in natural feel and glide.


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