Is it okay not to want sex?

How much sex should we have? The magic number that should bring optimal happiness in our relationship is a topic that continues to be debated.

When researchers look at sex under the microscope, many wonder if they are doing it right and enough.

Sexual health expert at the University of New South Wales, Australia, Juliet Reachers explores whether it’s okay not to have or be interested in sex.

Reachers explains that people who don’t feel the need for sex are rarely if ever, aroused. They may not have sex for days, weeks, months, or even years. Others in this situation begin to become irritable, distracted, and unhappy when they abstain from sex for at least a few days.

Some people are interested in sex when they have a partner around, but if they don’t have one, they don’t miss sex.

Sexual interest comes and goes with time. It may disappear when we are sick or under stress, although some use it as a way to relieve stress. Many parents of young children often prefer safe sleep at the expense of sex. For many, interest in sex begins to fade at a later age, but it can be revived in a new relationship.

In marriage, people can sometimes feel that they must satisfy their partner’s sexual needs, so sex can become an obligation and so the desire for it can “evaporate”.

There are also those who are not interested in sex with other people, but have a libido, feel aroused and continue to masturbate. Some of these people have autistic personality traits.


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