Levitra: forget about erection problems!

The experience of the company’s specialists with doctors and patients in Ukraine also indicates that men very rarely admit their own problems with erection. The reason for this is the stereotypical derogatory image of the “impotent”, which is completely untrue and does not correspond to the complex manifestations of ED as a disease.

LEVITRA In view of this, the creators of the program have developed a number of code phrases that would make it possible to get away from the prevailing stereotype. The media touted “The Flame Pack” as a remedy for erection problems. The essence of the Bayer program was that it prompted the patient with a key phrase that facilitated communication with doctors and pharmacists. When asking the question “What is a package with a spark”, the patient did not mention his problem and at the same time received detailed advice on new treatment options for ED.

As a result of well-planned and implemented marketing activities aimed at promoting the drug, as well as an information campaign in the socio-political media, LEVITRA sales in 2005 increased significantly. Many men became interested in the Light Pack program and decided to see a doctor, and their confidence in the possibility of an effective solution to the problem of ED continues to grow as they learn about the positive properties of LEVITRA.

This drug is characterized by a reliable action: a 12-week study showed that 92% of patients with ED who took 10 mg of LEVITRA achieved an erection sufficient for sexual intercourse throughout the entire treatment period (Casey R., 2003). The effect of taking the drug comes very quickly. So, according to the ONTIME study, after taking LEVITRA, an erection sufficient for sexual intercourse is achieved after 10 minutes in some men and after 25 minutes in most of them (Montorsi F. et al., 2004). In addition, the drug is characterized by a favorable safety profile and ease of use.


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