More sex — more success in work

Scientists from Oregon State University found an interesting correlation in their study: workers who spent the night in intimate caresses were more successful in coping with their tasks the next day compared to their colleagues.

According to the study, lovers experience greater job satisfaction, which improves their perception of work-life balance.

Scientists came to these and other conclusions after studying in detail the quality of work and sexual habits of 159 bonded employees of an anonymous company. Employees who reported having sex with their partner had a statistically significant increase in the volume and quality of work done the next day, felt happier at work, and participated more fully in work, with much fewer distractions and anxieties.

This suggests, psychologists believe, that a healthy sex life helps employees to do their job better, which benefits both themselves and the organizations in which they work.

Some developed countries have long been familiar with this dependence. In Sweden, for example, the municipal council of the city offers civil servants one hour a week in their free time to have sex. They can use their time whenever they want, before or after work, and an apology note is not required.

Increased productivity and satisfaction are maintained up to 24 hours after sexual contact thanks to a cocktail of neurochemicals and hormones that are released in the brain and affect its reward centers. Epinephrine, monocannabinoids, dopamine, oxytocin, and other “happiness molecules” take precedence over nervous activity and lead to relaxation and relaxation of the body and mind.

In the opposite case, when there is no time for sexual intercourse due to too much work or fatigue after work, workers experience an increased level of stress. This is both psychoemotional and physiological – stress chemicals such as cortisol, adrenaline, and norepinephrine accumulate in the body, which leads to nervousness, anxiety, increased pulse and blood pressure, and even a decrease in immune protection. All this affects the workers and their ability to work is significantly reduced.


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