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MEMF » Mysteries of the menstrual cycle solved

Mysteries of the menstrual cycle solved

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When an uncomfortable part of a woman’s period comes, they most often face a variety of mysteries. Let’s consider some of them together with the solutions of the set tasks, typical for “this part of the month”.

You shed tears on stupid commercials

It turns out that about 20-30% of women are very sensitive to hormonal fluctuations between ovulation and bleeding. This can significantly affect the chemicals in the brain that “rule” emotions.

Try to counter this by regularly eating complex carbohydrates like leafy greens and whole grains to keep your blood sugar levels and your emotions stable.

Attention! Menstrual migraines!

Terrible menstrual migraines are caused by the same culprit as cramps – prostaglandins. When symptoms appear, taking anti-inflammatory drugs can block the production of prostaglandins. Thus, both headaches and spasms are relieved.

Nipples become overly sensitive

Along with an increase in breast volume, an increase in their sensitivity often occurs, especially in women who are sensitive to increased progesterone levels. It activates breast cells, preparing them for pregnancy.

Some women report relief from these symptoms after reducing their daily caffeine intake.

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