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MEMF » New In: Doctor Seaweed’s Weed & Wonderful

New In: Doctor Seaweed’s Weed & Wonderful

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Did you know that seaweed is nutrient-rich, and has been eaten as part of the diet of many cultures around the world? Seaweed has many health benefits. It’s a natural source of iodine, can manage blood sugar release, and can help you to manage your weight.

Doctor Seaweed’s capsules have as much Iodine as three mackerel, as much potassium as 8g of banana, as much calcium as 15ml of milk, and as much iron as 30g of spinach. But if you don’t fancy, swallowing capsules, take inspiration from this historical food and try Doctor Seaweed’s infused oils.

Whether you chose the Pure or Smoked version, the infused oils are an easy way to add the health benefits of seaweed to your diet. The oils have an umami flavor of the sea and can be drizzled over salad leaves or steamed vegetables or used to stir fry or grill fish.

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