New In: Slimfast Vegan Shakes

Great news for vegans or those of you participating in Veganuary: Slimfast has now added two delicious new vegan shakes to its collection. Both are super nutritious, healthy, and scrumptious to boot: you can’t go wrong with these.

The Slimfast vegan vitality shakes come in two different and exciting flavors: Strawberry + Blueberry Burst and Intense Mint Chocolate. The Slimfast vitality range of shakes has added minerals and vitamins, to make sure your metabolism keeps rocking whilst you’re losing weight or maintaining your weight loss. You can use these shakes as a meal replacement for breakfast, lunch, or dinner: if you decide. Some diets can make you feel fatigued and drained, but not with these shakes. The new shakes are not just vegan but also gluten-free, and contain 220 calories per serving. Just add water and you’re done!

Low in calories doesn’t mean nutritious: the shakes contain 20 grams of protein, are high in fiber, and contain all the antioxidant goodness of green tea. And with no added sugar, you’ll be laughing all the way to the scales. Furthermore, it’s got added Iron and Biotin to further increase your metabolism during weight loss and prevent tiredness.


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