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MEMF » Seven Unusual Ways to Beat the Cravings this Stoptober

Seven Unusual Ways to Beat the Cravings this Stoptober

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Did you give up smoking for Stoptober? If you’ve been a few weeks smoke-free, you’re probably already feeling the benefits, but battling the cravings might be tempting you to fall off the wagon. If you’re having a hard time resisting the call of your cigarettes, we’ve found some weird and wonderful ways to beat back the cravings. They’re so unusual, they might just work.

  1. Have your teeth cleaned. Pop to your dentist for a professional scrub. You might find you’re not keen to restain your new pearly whites.
  2. Brush your teeth when you want to smoke. Not only will it occupy your hands and mouth, but the minty fresh feeling will also taste awful with cigarette smoke, which is sure to put you off.
  3. Pay a fine. You could do this by starting a ‘smoke jar’ which you add to whenever you smoke, paying a fine to a friend, or even donating to a cause you don’t agree with whenever you have a cigarette.
  4. Wear a badge. Get a badge made that informs people to not give or sell cigarettes. You’ll feel silly, but the badge can speak for you at moments when your willpower crumbles.
  5. Tell everyone. Nobody likes to look stupid, so make a big announcement. Post it on social media, tell all your colleagues, and tell the postman and the man in your local corner shop. If people are asking you how it’s going, you’re not going to want to admit you’ve started smoking again.
  6. Donate the money you’d spend. Choose your favorite charity, and donate what you’d usually spend on cigarettes. If you cave, and buy more cigarettes, you’ll have less to donate.
  7. Research the effects. Spend some time reading about the side effects of smoking. You could even look at pictures of lungs, mouths, and throats hit by smoking-based diseases.

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