Why Should I Use Natural Skincare?

Ever wondered if your skincare routine would benefit from natural or organic skincare products? Natural skincare is becoming increasingly popular. Here are five reasons why.

Natural Skincare Bonus One

According to research from Biomed, the average woman puts 500 chemicals on their body every day. This results in absorbing nearly 2kg of chemicals a year. Shockingly, only 9% of women are aware of the ingredients in their skincare. These chemicals can be found in your skincare, your makeup, and in things like sun cream. Worried? Natural skincare steers clear of scary chemicals and unpronounceable ingredients.

Natural Skincare Bonus Two

Your skin provides a pretty good natural barrier to keep out nasties, but it’s not a foolproof defense. Around 60% of anything applied to the skin can be absorbed into the bloodstream. Studies show that those products we absorb can have an effect on everything from your mood to your immune system.

Natural Skincare Bonus Three

In many products, the added fragrance is used to disguise chemical smells. This is yet another chemical to be worried about. Natural products don’t so this, and you can be sure there’s nothing hidden under a pretty scent.

Natural Skincare Bonus Four

Many skincare products can actually irritate sensitive skin. If you’re prone to allergic reactions, redness, breakouts, or irritations, try a natural product. It may be gentler on your skin.

Natural Skincare Bonus Five

Many natural skincare products contain antioxidants that love the skin. These can boost your skin health, with no need for free radicals, which can cause skin aging.


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