11 important intimate hygiene rules for women

Intimate hygiene is essential for a healthy sex life. The external genitalia is associated with the excretory system, which is why they are often polluted. Smegma formed by urine, sweat, and exfoliated epithelial cells is deposited on them. Smegma is a favorable environment for the development of microorganisms if it is not washed regularly.

Here are some important rules for maintaining proper intimate hygiene in women:

  1. Hygiene of the genital organs is carried out every day with warm water and cleanly washed hands.
  2. To avoid the transfer of bacteria from the anal and perianal region to the vulva, toilet movements should be made in the direction of the vagina to the anus. The direction of the water jet when washing is also important that it be in this direction.
  3. Avoid using irritating substances in the intimate area, such as scented soaps, intimate deodorants, and even fabric softeners when washing underwear. Regular washing is recommended without the participation of soap, which irritates the mucous membrane. Systemic ingress of soap foam into the vagina disrupts its microflora and leads to dysbacteriosis. You can wash with soap only the skin next to the labia.
  4. The intimate towel should be clean, soft, and personal. In order not to injure the delicate female genital organs, drying is done by blotting.
  5. The vulva must be dry and air must be provided to the perineum. For this reason, it is recommended to sleep at night in a nightgown and no underwear. Pajamas restrict the movement of air.
  6. Underwear should be soft and loose. Artificial and dense fabrics keep the vulva moist. Cotton underwear is recommended.
  7. Wearing a “thong” is undesirable because when moving a thin thread can bring infection from the anal area.
  8. Intimate underwear after washing is recommended to rinse well.
    +. Wet swimsuits are changed immediately after leaving the water.


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