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MEMF ยป An overdose of erectile dysfunction drugs can lead to death

An overdose of erectile dysfunction drugs can lead to death

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In 1992, during clinical trials on volunteers of a new drug for the treatment of heart disease, the effect of the drug on sexual potency was accidentally discovered. The drug did not affect heart disease but led to increased potency in men.

The medicine works by dilating the blood vessels in the penis during sexual arousal. The result is a normal erection.

In our country, the spread of the problem of impotence contributes to drinking alcohol, smoking, and chronic fatigue. The word impotence is now shunned as unethical. In colloquial language, the meaning is perceived as a complete lack of erection. Today, the term erectile dysfunction has been adopted.

It is very important to know that this medicine has been developed to treat a sexual disorder and is not intended for use by healthy people. It should not be used by children and adolescents under the age of 18.

Experts believe that the desire to imitate sex scenes from porn movies has given more men a reason to go to the doctor to prescribe the drug.

The increased demand for the drug was worth $70 million for two million little blue pills. This growth is 40 million pounds in six years.

This means about 30,000 tablets are taken every night to help with increased movement under the covers.

Frank Furedi, a sociologist at the University of Kent, believes that we live in a world in which the naivety behind the bushes no longer exists, and the feeling and talk about sex have fundamentally changed.

A few years ago, people turned to their friends for advice about sex, but now relationships and images on a sexual level have come straight from Hollywood – like Sex and the City and Entourage. It is from them that people learn.

There have been many studies that the drug is used as a recreational drug to improve potency. Men use it to overcome their fear of how they behave in the sexual arena. Interestingly, women also use it. However, it is not yet clear whether they get additional pleasure from using it.

According to the recommendations, the drug should only be prescribed to men who have other underlying health problems or who suffer from “severe stress” due to erectile dysfunction.

Despite government restrictions on prescribing the drug to men, a more liberal approach to prescribing recommendations has recently been adopted. This was done to prevent men from being poisoned by counterfeit medicines that are commonly sold online.

Over the past 12 months, the number of prescriptions has increased from 1,850,000 to two million. This means that costs have nearly doubled in the US.

A survey of individual health sectors shows the largest users of this drug. These patients are from Sussex, as well as Holton and St Helens in Merseyside in the USA.

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