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MEMF » Back to School Essentials You Probably Haven’t Thought Of

Back to School Essentials You Probably Haven’t Thought Of

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Getting the children ready to go back to school is a whirlwind for uniforms, name tags, and trying to discover what on earth they’ve done with their lunch boxes. We’ve gathered a top list of other essentials you’ll need in your arsenal to take on the new school year.


Going back to school means sending your child back to all sorts of mystery germs. Colds are easily caught at school, but to minimize time off, you can boost their immune system and give them the best chance of fighting off the sniffles. We love Sambucol Black Elderberry Extract for Children, which supports the immune system, with a blend of vitamins and antioxidants.

If swallowing a liquid feels too much like taking medicine, try Haliborange Kids Multivitamins Fruit Softies. These tasty chewable support everyday health.


A Probiotic boosts your child’s ability to fight illness and infection, by balancing their good bacteria. It can also aid healthy digestion. Try Optibac Probiotics for Babies and Children, which is specially formulated for a child’s needs.


Combat fevers and pain quickly with a painkiller designed for children. Many children struggle to swallow tablets, so a liquid option, like Nurofen For Children Liquid, is ideal. It comes in a tasty strawberry flavor, so even those who can be stubborn about taking medicine will be happy to cooperate.

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