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MEMF » What Should I Put In a Family First Aid Kit?

What Should I Put In a Family First Aid Kit?

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If you’ve got children in the house, you’ve probably dealt with plenty of little mishaps; from bumps to bruises, to cuts and grazes. A good family first aid kit is an essential part of any family home. You can buy ready-made kits, but it’s often cheaper to assemble your own. Get a large box or tin, and stock it ready for any accidents.


Make sure you have a good supply of plasters in different sizes, which can be used to protect against cuts, grazes, and other minor injuries. For kids, look for plasters with a stronghold, so they don’t fall off. Water and dirt-repellent plasters are also a good idea, so they can stand up to playtime. Leukoplast has a wide range of tough plasters in lots of sizes and even has some fun designs to make little ones smile.

For larger wounds, or areas tricky to get a plaster on, look for soft dressings, like Leukoplast Cutisoft. If you’re using this kind of dressing, you’ll also need some adhesive tape to secure it.


Even small cuts need cleaning, so stock on antiseptic wipes or ointment so you can gently clean any cuts and scrapes.


Treat headaches and other pain with painkillers. Make sure you check the dosage of any medication before giving it to your child. Keep a variety of Ibuprofen and Paracetamol, in kid-friendly doses.


If you or your children are prone to accidents, a range of supports can be a handy extra. Active has a range of supports for knees, elbows, wrists, and ankles. They’re excellent for offering extra support for sprains or sporting injuries.

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