Curious about the hymen

The hymen is a mucous fold that partially covers the entrance to the vagina. During the first sexual intercourse, it ruptures, which leads to bleeding. Here are some interesting and little-known facts about the so-called “virgin lightning”.

An imperforated hymen is a disease

Usually the hymen has one or more holes of different sizes. In the presence of an imperforated hymen, menstrual blood cannot flow during menstruation because it cannot pass through the hymen. If the hymen is not perforated, minor surgery may be required.

The hymen does not cover the entire vagina

The vagina is a thin tissue that “lies” at the bottom of the entrance to the vagina.

There are different forms

Lightning is not felt, this is normal, as it can have a different shape. If you’re having trouble finding it, it’s most likely because it’s small.

The hymen can be broken during physical activity

It is widely believed that the hymen can only be broken through loss of virginity. This is not true, as other activities such as cycling and gymnastics can cause it to rupture.

We may not know when the hymen ruptured

During sex, it is very likely that we will know when a violation of the hymen will occur, since it is accompanied by bleeding. However, during gymnastics, we are unlikely to find out. Blood spots can be found that can be mistaken for menstruation.

A full hymen can also lead to pregnancy.

It is possible that the membrane will not rupture and pregnancy will still occur. Explanation in the various holes it has. In addition to menstrual blood, spermatozoa can also pass through them.


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