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MEMF ยป Contraceptives affect the frequency of sex

Contraceptives affect the frequency of sex

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Taking birth control can do more than just prevent pregnancy. Hormonal pills can also clear the skin, ease painful periods, and affect mood. The type of birth control pill we use can influence the frequency of orgasms we get, according to a new study.

A research team from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology and the University of New Mexico studied 387 women who used birth control and had heterosexual intercourse.

Some participants were followed for 12 weeks and asked how often they had sex, while others completed a one-time questionnaire about how often they had sex in the past week. Participants were also asked to what extent they were related and what type of pill was used.

It turns out that women who feel most connected to their partners are more likely to have sex when they take birth control pills with higher levels of progestin and lower levels of a form of estrogen known as estradiol.

On the other hand, women who feel less connected are more likely to have sex while taking birth control pills with low progestin levels and higher estrogen levels.

Hormonal differences only affect the frequency of intercourse, not oral sex, masturbation, or sexual fantasies.

Evidence supports the theory that couples are “nudged” to have sex when a woman isn’t ovulating because it brings them closer emotionally.

The results also support the idea that hormones, natural or synthetic, can affect libido.

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