Does vagina size matter?

The question of whether size matters is usually addressed by men, but women also worry about the size of their body parts.

Although women rarely talk about it, some worry about the size of their vagina and how it affects a man’s sexual pleasure, especially after childbirth. There hasn’t been much research done in this area because there are many conflicting opinions about female sexuality and it’s hard to tell if vaginal size and sexual pleasure are related.

The vagina is an elastic organ. It is narrow enough to fit a tampon, yet expands enough to allow the entire baby to pass through at birth. This is because the walls of the vagina are similar to the walls of the stomach: they have folds that simultaneously stretch to expand during sex or during childbirth. That is, the vagina adjusts and its dimensions are not fixed, but depend on the function performed.

After waiting or turning, the weed can be shortened slightly. This is what happens when the uterus is stretched. In addition, the smooth muscle type of the uterus is relaxed before pregnancy and it may seem that the vagina is very prickly. After waiting, the vagina increases in width, but only slightly.

What really matters?

The pleasure of sex has always been associated with the size of the penis. However, we must understand that women’s vaginas, like men’s penises, are different.

There is really no need to worry about the size of the vagina. Much more important for a woman’s sexual pleasure are factors such as arousal and sufficient lubrication, as well as the physical attraction between two partners.

Desire, arousal, orgasms, pain, and sexual satisfaction were found to be unrelated to vaginal size. In fact, when we talk about good sex, we are not looking for certain physical characteristics, since everybody is designed to experience and deliver the necessary pleasure. Rather, we should strive for proper communication between partners, as well as ensure activities that satisfy both.


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