Erection problems – stress or physiological manifestation?

The inability to maintain or get an erection is called impotence. It is an extremely important factor in maintaining sexual arousal, attraction, and sexual satisfaction for both partners. This creates the appearance of serious problems with the self-esteem of the man, as well as the woman, which is the main problem for the emergence of a healthy and fulfilling relationship.

A few years ago, it was believed that stress and normal aging processes are the only possibilities for the development of impotence and all types of erectile dysfunction. There is now a much wider range and perspective on the therapeutic overview of impotence and erection problems, leading to other hypotheses related to further diagnosis and medical advice. Urologists believe that 50% of erection problems are related to physiological disorders.

Since erection is a vascular process, it is not surprising that the most common causes of erection problems in relation to the age of a man can be diseases that disrupt the blood supply to the penis. Such typical diseases that affect peripheral circulation on a significant scale include atherosclerosis and diabetes mellitus. Another possible cause could be a defect in the wall of the venous system in the penis, which allows blood to drain out of the penis too quickly. The other most common physiological problems are hormonal disturbances and previous surgeries leading to circulatory problems and impaired ability to achieve an erection.

Vascular processes leading to erection are under the neurological control of the brain. Side effects of some drugs can lead to a violation of their activity. Also, the problem can be triggered by the action of certain stimulants, sedatives, diuretics, antihistamines, antihypertensive drugs, cancer, or depression. Other factors of erectile dysfunction can be excessive smoking and regular intake of large amounts of alcohol and drugs.

It has long been known that alcohol can affect circulation by vasodilating arterial and venous vessels. This, in turn, has a positive effect on erection, but especially often with excessive use, it can cause a subsequent spasm of the arteries, which disrupts the blood supply to the penis. The combined effect of vasodilation in the venous system and artery spasm is often decisive and definitely and permanently impairs the possibility of obtaining an erection, which is due to the inability of the penis to retain incoming blood in its cavernous bodies, as well as insufficient blood supply due to progressive artery spasm.

However, in younger boys, the most common and most likely cause of erection problems is a psychological disorder. Impaired communication with a sexual partner or different sexual desires and expectations, can lead to stress in a young body, which affects erection. It is no coincidence that excessive consumption of erotic films from the TV screen is considered the main factor in the development of sexual disorders in the modern life of young men. Psychologically, the boy compares himself to a well-trained porn actor and claims his methods and abilities in terms of endurance and size. This leads to a progressive disorder and stress that affects the basic behavioral functions of the body, with which it reacts to contact with a member of the opposite sex or with an object of sexual interest.

What is the clinical picture of impotence?

A characteristic feature of the state of impotence is the inability to achieve or maintain an erection without ejaculation, which is already associated with problems associated with the premature release of seminal fluid. Problems may be characterized by transient or occasional erections, which in practice is not a major problem. The condition is called an impotence crisis, and almost every adult male has experienced erectile dysfunction during intercourse.

Other conditions are associated with the appearance of progressive weakness of the erectile ability of the male penis. In these conditions, we are talking about chronic impotence, which is subject to medical consultation and therapy, according to the original source. There is another option for the appearance of impotence. These are the cases when the characteristic morning erection is preserved in men, they get a sufficiently good sexual arousal and erection during masturbation, but during intercourse, they cannot reach the apical planes of their excitation. Under these conditions, this is a certain psychological phenomenon that affects the sexual function of a man. With a problem, you should contact a specialist in the field of sexual medicine or a psychologist to help the man cope with the problem.

What therapy is offered for these diseases?

Given the safety and effectiveness, in recent years, experts in urology and venereology recommend the use of vacuum pumps primarily for chronic impotence. It draws blood into the penis under negative pressure, after which an elastic band is applied to the root of the penis, with which the blood is retained in the penis. After half an hour, the elastic bandage is removed to restore blood circulation.

In some cases, experts recommend injecting papaverine or prostaglandin into the muscular system immediately before sexual intercourse. These two drugs have a certain effect and permanently eliminate erection problems. Another form of therapy is the intramuscular injection of testosterone, although there are currently no clear data on plasma concentrations of the hormones and their effect on erectile function.

In some cases, it may be necessary to take drugs pentoxifylline and yohimbine, which have a vasodilating effect and regulate the blood supply to the penis. In other cases of indeterminate impotence, penile implants, semi-rigid, without the possibility of folding during intercourse, which are inflated by a pump, can be placed through the scrotum. And another option for the treatment of impotence can be a consultation with a psychologist or other sexual health specialist, who will bring the victim out of the state of mental depression and psychological suppression of erection means.

Herbal treatments can also be used with particular success. Today on the market you can find ginkgo and Asian ginseng herbs, which have a very positive effect on male erection and contribute to the appearance of strong potency. This is because they have a strong aphrodisiac effect.


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