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MEMF ยป Lack of sexual desire – causes in women

Lack of sexual desire – causes in women

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Many couples begin to feel physically and emotionally alienated when they don’t have regular sex, and low libido can add to the discomfort for both partners.

A woman’s lack of sexual desire can provoke feelings of guilt. She may not even touch her partner for fear of sending the wrong signal about wanting sex.

A man may feel rejected and unloved by his partner’s rejection, regardless of her expressed feelings.

What are the causes of low libido in women?

In some cases, a woman may experience a hormonal imbalance that affects her sex drive. Such an example is the menopause period, which is characterized by significant hormonal changes that inevitably affect a woman’s life.

Testosterone is not only available to women, but it is also essential for female libido. Its deficiency can lead to a decrease in interest in sex.

Many diseases and medical conditions can also affect a woman’s libido. Such examples are hypertension, obesity, cancer, and cardiovascular or neurological diseases. A sedentary lifestyle can also have an effect.

Many psychological conditions can also be among the culprits of the lack of desire for sex. For example, when depressed, we often experience an inability to enjoy activities that normally bring us pleasure, including sex. Medications and alcohol can also impair libido.

Conditions such as anxiety or post-traumatic stress disorder, and even anorexia, can negatively affect sex drive. On the other hand, religious and personal beliefs about sexuality also often play a role.

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