Exercises to improve your sex life

Exercises to improve your sex life

A sex therapist can help intimate relationships by focusing on the physical connection between lovers.

By understanding the relationship of partners to sex and the problem they are facing, the therapist can recommend specific exercises that direct the attention and expectations of partners in a certain direction. It includes:

  • learn to relax and eliminate the element of distraction;
  • learn to communicate with each other, share your desires in the sexual aspect;
  • master touch techniques that do not have sexual overtones;
  • increased sexual stimulation;
  • to reduce pain during intercourse.

Very often, sex therapists use so-called “sensory focus” exercises to treat sexual problems. The exercises begin with non-sexual touching to show partners how they like to be touched.

The main thing is that partners understand how to recognize and communicate their preferences to each other. A sex therapist may recommend exercises to help with vaginismus.

One of the successful methods is Kegel exercises, another option for relieving vaginal spasms is the use of dilators.


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