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Health benefits of sex

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Sex is not just a physical act. This is a whole cascade of emotions and feelings, bringing the body into a state of ecstasy and social-communicative excitement. According to a number of well-known personalities… sex is the ideal vehicle for revealing all the senses.

With the advancement of the general culture of modern society and the “opening” of more and more new doors to sex education in individuals, specialists in the field of sexual medicine, gynecology, and andrology decided to create a common team and shortlist the ten main and most common health problems that corrected by high-quality and beautiful sex. In fact, they have proven that sex under these conditions can also be an alternative form of treatment.

The quiz questionnaire “Sex fact or obsession” has long been gaining relevance. Through a number of such studies, scientists have come to the conclusion that sex is indeed a superior act of interaction.

A study was conducted among hundreds of young people who had sex three or four times a week, compared with those who had sex less than four times a month. In a sample of peripheral blood of the first group, a sharp increase in the level of antibodies was found, fighting some of the most active and modern viral, bacterial and fungal infections. This led to the conclusion that sex is a very good method of boosting the immune reactivity of the body during risky seasons, rich in viruses floating in the atmosphere. The evidence was clearly and precisely stated in their journal – sex is a quality immunostimulant. Of course, scientists also add a special paragraph to their journal, which says that the emphasis for increasing the body’s immune reactivity is also proper and healthy nutrition, maintaining physical activity, sufficient sleep and rest of the brain, as well as the timely use of some major types of vaccines.

Another compelling piece of evidence from the trade journal was that sex is an extremely high-quality way to increase libido in the most natural way for the body. According to Lauren Streicher, a leading specialist in the field of obstetrics and gynecology, vaginal sex in young women is an indispensable way to maintain high-quality hormonal metabolism and keep the body in good shape. Also, the overwhelming evidence in more active young couples was that, due to the more frequent participation in protected and emotional intercourse, women became much easier to control their bladder. It is believed that a stable pelvic floor plays a very important role in maintaining the tone of the muscles of the bladder and the elasticity of its walls. A fact that, according to the expert, every woman learns at some stage in her life. The pelvic floor itself is made up of many muscles that work during orgasm. Under these conditions, their mass compression and dissolution begin,

What other benefits does sex have for our overall health?

The evidence for blood pressure maintenance was also compelling. According to Joseph Pinson, during sex, but not during masturbation, significant peripheral vasodilation is achieved, which inherently leads to a decrease in vascular resistance. With these findings, he proves that during sex, systolic blood pressure drops by an average of 5 mm Hg. In addition, during sex, several extremely fast metabolic cascades occur that reduce the level of body fat, especially in the abdomen. Namely, abdominal obesity is a leading factor in the development of arterial hypertension.

In view of the evidence already presented and studies conducted on metabolic control during sex, the sexually active study group also underwent regular monitoring of peripheral blood cholesterol levels. Scientists have noticed a significant decrease in these levels, which led to another conclusion about the benefits of sex for good overall human health – reduced cardiovascular risk. Scientists attach great importance to this opinion since in the last ten years myocardial infarction has been the leading cause of death in people. In their opinion, if young people realize in time the benefits of sex for human health, this will lead to a significant decrease in the statistics of people who died from ischemic myocardial infarction.


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