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MEMF ยป How does masturbation strengthen the immune system in women?

How does masturbation strengthen the immune system in women?

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Female masturbation helps bring the body to orgasm without outside interference. Types of masturbation in women may include clitoral stimulation or deeper penetration with a dildo or vibrator. According to most ladies, masturbation gives them great pleasure and pleasure, although few of them admit to doing it. The reason is probably that the techniques and methods of masturbation are discussed in a taboo imposed from a young age.

There is not as much research and discussion forums about female masturbation as there is about male masturbation. According to scientists, the reason for this taboo is precisely in the emerging emancipation, which makes women much more responsible and does not allow this “sin” to be demonstrated as the primary instinct of the body. According to experts in sexual medicine, female masturbation is extremely important, so in recent years it has received more and more attention.

According to research in this area, masturbation is beneficial because it creates more activity in the sexual life of ladies and allows a deeper study of the female body and sensuality. According to them, this way women will get much more fulfilling sex and much more pleasure during intercourse. According to experts, when masturbating, ladies learn to achieve an orgasm much easier every time during sex. This is one of the best ways to take a deeper introspection of your body, including identifying the most sensitive points on the body – the clitoris, G-spot and other erogenous zones.

But why can masturbation be so beneficial?

Masturbation, for both women and men, according to numerous studies, is very beneficial. The reason for this is that during orgasm, a cascade of biochemical reactions in the body is triggered, which ultimately lead to increased production of endorphins. Another particularly pronounced effect is the release of tension in the body by repeated rapid irritation of all the muscle fibers in the body, especially the internal organs. This effect is useful in that it releases the body from the accumulated daily stress associated with work and personal affairs, which in most cases is harmful. In addition, masturbation leads to the depletion of accumulated sex hormones, which is especially important for the normal functioning of the gonads.

According to experts in the field of sexual medicine and immunology, regularly bringing the body to orgasm indirectly stimulates the immune system. After stimulating the smooth muscles of the body and relieving tension, as well as the overproduction of endorphins after orgasm, scientists have been doing research for many years, with the help of which they found out that another cell line begins its overproduction. These are cell lines of T- and B-lymphocytes. The main function of these two classes of cells is to carry out immune reactions in the body, with the help of which the body is prevented from the harmful effects of surrounding viruses from the external environment. B-lymphocytes themselves directly begin the production of antibodies, which, according to scientists, is especially important in the fight against viral and bacterial infections in the body.

In addition, the high level of endorphins during orgasm helps the body deal with everyday life problems and definitely brings a woman more happiness. Another important effect of masturbation in women is to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. During orgasm, the body develops a generalized contraction of smooth muscle fibers, which largely make up the structure of blood vessels. In particular, all arterial walls contain smooth muscle fibers. After the occurrence of a generalized contraction, during orgasm, the woman’s body begins to be much better supplied with blood, the heart muscle is stimulated and it becomes impossible to retain blood in the body’s main depots in the limbs and skin, which in a sense is also the leading cause of the development of varicose veins and hemorrhoids.


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