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MEMF » Orgasm helps with headaches and more

Orgasm helps with headaches and more

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When something hurts, we usually go to the doctor, and they give us medicines, and so on until the next time. However, did you know that there is a universal cure for some of the most common ailments and complaints? And that’s… an orgasm.

Sex is not just a fun way to spend the night or be intimate with the person next to you. The benefits of intercourse range from relieving headaches to helping with cramps caused by PMS.

The reason for this is chemicals such as dopamine, endorphin, and serotonin that are released in our body during orgasm. These substances make us feel happy and literally warm up our bodies, after which we feel sleepy. Once in the bloodstream, they can be both pleasurable and can act as a pain reliever.

  1. Headache

The next time you get a headache, contact your partner, not the first aid kit, experts advise us. Orgasm can relieve migraine pain and all types of headaches, according to a 2013 study.

The position, partner, or duration of intercourse does not matter, but it is important to achieve a full and complete orgasm.

  1. Premenstrual complaints

Premenstrual cramps are one of the most annoying symptoms that women experience every month.

Before orgasm, the uterus is calm, but at the time of menopause, blood flow increases, which helps relieve spasms.

Contractions of the uterine muscles during orgasm stimulate the release of various substances in the brain that act as a natural pain reliever.

However, women do not always need a partner to alleviate their grievances. Masturbation also helps reduce spasms and improve other symptoms such as irritability and mood swings, experts say.

  1. Hiccups

Prolonged hiccups can literally exhaust us both physically and mentally. Before you drink 9 sips of water in one sitting or ask someone to scare you… have sex.

A recent study of more than 2,000 men shows that ejaculation in men solves the problem of hiccups. This method works for women too, but the condition for stopping the long and annoying hiccups is to achieve a full orgasm.


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