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MEMF » Positions during sex – what are their benefits?

Positions during sex – what are their benefits?

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The desire for sex can be influenced by stress, sleep, and a number of other factors. The researchers found that three-quarters of women over 40 thought sex were better than they were in their 20s.

Many factors determine libido, including stress hormone levels, the environment, and the brain. Therefore, it is not surprising that the desire for sex can change depending on the level of stress, the amount of time we spend sleeping, etc. Women, on the other hand, are very sensitive when it comes to libido. Anything that distracts them can suppress sexual desire.

Although it is known as the “male sex hormone”, testosterone is also synthesized in the body of women, but in smaller amounts. It is a hormone responsible for libido, and its synthesis is suppressed under conditions of stress, resulting in a decrease in sexual desire.

When it comes to sex, libido, and maximum comfort, posture also matters. Experts in the field explain what is characteristic of the main positions…

Each couple has its own preferences. So, for example, the missionary position is a favorite of many, although its fame is not always good. In fact, this position allows you to achieve a clitoral orgasm and also stimulates the main erogenous zones of the vulva to the vagina.

On the other hand, when a woman is on top, she has more control as she dictates the rhythm and pace. This would be useful if you want to delay or avoid deep penetration.

Penetration from behind increases friction between the vaginal wall and the penis. In this position, the penis is in contact with the anterior wall of the vagina – an area saturated with nerve endings.

MRI scans taken during a woman’s sexual arousal show changes in the anterior vaginal wall, which becomes thicker and longer.


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