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MEMF » Lack of sex can damage the heart

Lack of sex can damage the heart

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Many go through periods of not having sex due to breakups, depression, or other reasons. But what happens to our bodies when we stop having sex? As in any other respect, this situation also has two sides.

The bad news…

Lack of sex is often accompanied by torment, which can lead to the development of anxiety and depression.

The risk of catching a cold also increases significantly, as does the likelihood that our memory will deteriorate. Researchers claim that sex supports cognitive functions, including memory.

Prolonged absence of sexual intercourse can also adversely affect the muscles of the vagina. The muscles of the vagina can become hypersensitive, causing them to contract during intercourse.

Both women and men who stop having sex usually suffer from decreased libido. In these cases, regular masturbation can be helpful.

Data from various studies show that men who have sex at least 2 times a week are almost half as likely to die as a result of cardiovascular disease.

What’s the good news?

When we stop our sexual intercourse, the risk of unwanted pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases is immediately reduced. In addition, women are expected to be less susceptible to urinary tract infections. This is the perfect time to explore and enjoy your body.

In addition, we will have more time for each other, let’s pamper and pamper each other!


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