Premature ejaculation is psychogenic determined

In sexual relations between a man and a woman, difficulties arise that some manage to overcome on their own. However, many cannot cope with their sexual problems, and this often leads to problems in relationships between men and women.

According to many experts, the modern porn industry, instead of helping young people to relax and practice their sexual games in a more colorful way and enjoy their relationships more fully, is harmful by creating forms of complexes in men – for example, the desire of young men to imitate the actors of pornographic films. However, the facts show that each person is an individual and these comparisons lead to a strong break in relations with women. This is due to the fact that partners achieve psychological depression, which is often associated primarily with a physical deficiency on the part of the partner, which leads to significant depression and anxiety during intercourse. Thus, for example, began the massive use of plastic surgery methods to increase and thicken the penis.

There were also various mythical claims that treatment with certain herbs, massage, and immersion of the penis in water with honey leads to a significant increase in size and loss of sensitivity. It is for this reason that specialists in sexual medicine regularly discuss at their annual symposia how to treat premature ejaculation in men, which in modern society, especially among young men, is quite common.

In fact, according to experts, it is normal ejaculation and achievement of orgasm quickly, within 1-5 minutes, that is satisfactory and allows you to completely release the body from tension and cellular stress, increase the production of antibodies and significantly improve the general condition. . Of course, these disorders also have a medical basis, which is investigated and treated by specialists in sexual medicine and psychologists, and in the presence of an organic defect, urologists and andrologists.

Premature ejaculation is one of the most common male complaints. The condition means that men cannot control ejaculation enough, si, as a duration, for both partners to enjoy their sexual intercourse.

A man’s ejaculation can happen fast enough to overtake a woman’s orgasm. The condition can develop as follows – ejaculation occurs immediately before penetration when preparation for sexual intercourse takes place, also called foreplay. Also, ejaculation can occur at the very introduction of a penis into the vagina or immediately after the onset of sexual intercourse, after a few seconds.

Premature ejaculation in most cases is psychogenic. Erectile weakness or delayed erection, as a psychological reaction, are much less common. Most men, according to statistics, have quite normal erections, but cannot control their ejaculation.

Usually, premature ejaculation can be observed in more violent and temperamental natures, with irregular sexual intercourse, improper contraception, experienced sexual failures, psychological imposition in a man of a “complex” about ejaculation and his sexual capabilities from a partner, or in other circumstances that traumatize a person.

Relatively less often, according to statistics and the opinion of sexologists, there are cases when men quickly “ejaculate” due to unlimited vaginismus. strong and it causes hyperexcitation or, on the other hand, is terribly painful for the penis. human. According to psychologists and sexologists, women very often provoke vaginismus as a form of unconscious protest against a man. According to experts, this condition occurs mainly in the part of women who think about sexual intercourse from a cultural point of view.

Men suffering from premature ejaculation are advised to try to control their symptoms psychologically and consult with a specialist in order to lead a normal and calm sex life, which, of course, is of paramount importance for the normal functioning of the body and its individual systems.


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