Recommendations for better sex

4 recommendations from sexologists for better sex

Sex can rise to a means of communication on a much higher level than purely physical. And because many couples haven’t made that progress yet, no matter how long they’ve been together, experts in sexology and sex therapy have come together to summarize their theoretical knowledge into a few recommendations for more fulfilling sex.

According to experts, increasing the pleasure of sex between two partners does not require them to leave their comfort zone.

It is enough to make a few small adjustments to the approach and performance of sexual techniques.

Be open to new experiences

Sexologists note that only by diversifying sexual techniques and wanting to try new positions and approaches, you can be sure that you are exploring a wide and endless world of sexual pleasure and that will help strengthen relationships.

Try sex toys

Who said that a threesome as the most fanatical sexual fantasy necessarily requires that the third person present be a human? According to experts, this could very well be one of the sex toys that have become popular in recent times and are available in a wide variety of forms depending on the gender of the user.


watching erotic films Watching erotic films is always associated with some mystery and solitude, but, according to experts, a radical rethinking of this attitude can lead to radical and positive changes in the quality of sexual experiences. There’s nothing stopping you from trying to make sure they’re right.

Be present not only in body but also in spirit

. Staying focused during sex is a test for people who have shared a bed for years, but lack of commitment is considered the main sign of a deteriorating sexual relationship. It is in the nature of the mind to wander all over the place, but let it be focused on the partner, at least during sex.

Sharing naughty bed and sex secrets is rare, even between best friends (and that’s a good thing). Sexologists, however, are much vaguer in this regard and make these recommendations precisely on the basis of their personal observations of the imperfections in the sexual life of their individual patients.


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