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MEMF ยป Lack of orgasm

Lack of orgasm

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Lack of orgasm is an unpleasant but inexplicable problem, especially for women

The search for orgasm – can be safely called the main topic of any textbook on sex. The achievement of orgasm as the ultimate sexual experience is the main goal of any intimate relationship. Along with all the recommendations for achieving a full-fledged orgasm, however, the main reasons that interfere with its test and can make the efforts of both partners meaningless should be indicated.

Most often, women complain about the difficulty in achieving orgasm during sex, and here one very important reason stands out.

Excessive anxiety and the inability to free your mind from extraneous thoughts during sex is the main obstacle to achieving orgasm in women. This is the conclusion of a study published by the respected journal Sexologies.

To reach this conclusion, the researchers collected first-person information about what goes on in women’s heads during sex. As a result, women who orgasm regularly focus entirely on their bodily sensitivity and allow their minds to seek out and display their most erotic fantasies during intercourse. Information about the mandatory presence of a partner in these fantasies is not mentioned, but this is a secondary feature that is easy to overlook in the name of the ultimate goal.

For women who find it difficult to close themselves off from any extraneous thoughts during sex, the inability to achieve orgasm is an unpleasant, but understandable problem. The good news is that with the advice of experts, it can be solved. To do this, you can start with simple steps that train your attitude towards sex.

For example, trying to eat slowly and trying to capture every flavor and aroma of the foods you consume. The goal is to bring the same practice into your intimate experiences. Concentrate on the presence of your partner, on the sensations that the touch of his body gives, and put aside extraneous worries. The very thought of orgasm also falls into this group.

According to experts, it is most complete when it is not pursued as a fixed idea, but when it is given the opportunity to manifest itself as a natural completion of the experiences that preceded it. Just as full sex is a natural continuation of the foreplay that preceded it.

What kind of pre-orgasmic techniques will be is a matter of purely personal choice, the main thing is that they do not include daily worries.


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