Sex during menstruation – why not?

The long-awaited year-long summer vacation has arrived, but is she on a cycle? For the male part of the readers, this sounds terrible and NOT HAPPY at all. Why?

Because sex during menstruation is usually considered something dirty, unclean, and taboo. In fact, in some cultures, it is indeed taboo…

However, if both of you are “open” enough to the idea of having sex during your period, there are plenty of reasons to do so, rather than deprive your holiday of this pleasure just because it fell on the wrong week. Of course, a condom is required during this act, as the blood can carry infections to the other side.

It is logical to assume that the first thoughts that we have when we think about sex during menstruation are that at this time the blood serves as a natural lubricant. In addition, it is physiologically proven that orgasm in women relieves cramps and menstrual pain and shortens the duration of the cycle itself. This is due to the contractions of the uterus with each orgasm and the fact that with each contraction the blood is ejected through the fallopian tubes much faster than its natural speed.

If, however, you are ready to try this experience for the first time and are ready to find pleasure in something else, here are some tips on how not to be “in red porridge” from head to toe:

  • The best place in the shower – everything is clean and no marks.
  • If this is not possible, it is good to spread a dark towel on the bed – again – the fewer traces, the better.
  • Wet wipes nearby – yes, the reason is the same.
  • Ultimately, if both partners don’t like the idea, get creative. Sex doesn’t have to be about penetration. Love and passion can lead us to make lovemaking decisions that satisfy both parties.


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