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MEMF » Sex instead of fitness? Of course!

Sex instead of fitness? Of course!

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It can’t be that we don’t associate summer days with beautiful bodies and, accordingly … hours of burning calories. However, are there ways to burn calories that are pleasant and effective for us, for example … sex? Could the suffocating fun between the sheets be the reason we fit in? Of course, if we do it right for the purpose! Here are five ways to do it, some of which will surprise you and some of which will please you:

Sex before breakfast.

Morning sex is a great idea for several reasons. First, testosterone levels in men are highest between 7 and 8 am. Also, if we allocate half an hour in the morning for a sex session, we can get out of bed straight, thinking that the morning workout is ready! Well, you should set your alarm a little earlier!

Regular sex.

Regular sex can help maintain levels of cortisol, the anxiety hormone. This is good news because too much cortisol increases appetite and “orders” the body to store extra calories and, therefore, extra fat.


Also, as fitness trainers recommend, cardio exercises should be varied in order to properly train the muscles, constantly “surprising” the body with new movements. This also applies to sexual positions!

Sex yoga

. A standard yoga class burns 100 to 300 calories. Well, obviously, if we combine our favorite yoga positions with our sexual pleasures, we will achieve quite satisfactory results both for our figure and for physical sensations!

Orgasm please!

Last but not least… A powerful orgasm can burn between 60 and 100 calories, it also promotes good sleep, releases the happy hormone, and boosts the immune system.

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