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  • Candidiasis – now easily treated

    Candidiasis – now easily treated

    Candidiasis, thrush, candidal colpitis … These are the names of the same disease that 75% of women suffer from in one form or another. Candidal colpitis is caused by microorganisms, and fungi of the genus Candida, hence its name. The size of these microorganisms is 1.5-10 microns, they are not visible to the naked eye.…

  • Sexually transmitted infections

    Sexually transmitted infections

    Most common sexually transmitted infections Common to a group of more than 20 diseases are their sexual transmission. Some of them, such as syphilis, hepatitis B, and the AIDS virus, can also be transmitted through the blood or the so-called “vertical” route (from mother to fetus during fetal development or at birth). However, sexual transmission…

  • Candidiasis in men diagnosis and treatment

    Candidiasis in men diagnosis and treatment

    How is candidiasis diagnosed in men? Candidiasis in men diagnosis and treatment. If you suspect candidiasis, you should seek medical attention. The doctor will be able to exclude or confirm the possibility of a sexually transmitted disease and establish a fungal infection. The infection can usually be diagnosed based on the symptoms and appearance of…