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MEMF » The benefits of morning sex

The benefits of morning sex

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You just turned off your morning alarm. What can make the temptation to return under the sheets more irresistible than invigorating morning sex?

Morning can be the best time of day for sex. Boudoir caresses accompanied by the first rays of the sun create an ideal start to the day for maximum stress relief and body tone.

According to experts, morning sex is perceived by the brain as a dessert after a night’s rest, and who doesn’t like dessert in bed? And the benefits of morning sex do not end there.

Improves fertility
Couples who want a baby can take advantage of morning sex. Testosterone levels in men are highest in the morning. This means 2 things – there are favorable chances of successful conception, and sex can be as long as possible.

Strengthens intimacy
Hugs after sex are the most vivid expression of the abundant secretion of oxytocin, the intimacy hormone. With high doses of oxytocin in the morning, everyone will start their day feeling loved and desired.

Rejuvenates (especially women)
In addition to oxytocin, sex also stimulates the secretion of estrogen in a woman’s body. The instantaneous release of estrogen very quickly affects the skin, complexion, well-being, and appearance of a woman in general.

Facilitates the manifestations of premenstrual syndrome
. A few days before menstruation are problematic for many women of different ages. The overall toning, anti-stress and hormonal normalizing effect of morning sex provides a much greater physical and emotional peace to a woman throughout the day. Relieves cramps, and abdominal and pelvic pain, and helps to increase emotional instability on the days in question.

In addition to all this, morning sex brings all the benefits of sex in general – strengthens the immune system, stimulates cardiac activity, relaxes, and brings a sense of satisfaction.

Now rearrange your morning alarm a little earlier and start making the most of the extra time you will spend in bed in the morning.


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