Do contraceptives spoil the pleasure of sex?

Birth control pills are one of the most preferred means of contraception in the reproductive age. However, their effect has long been the subject of study of its effect on female sexual desire. According to some scientists, such an effect exists, and they reasonably raise the question of whether the contraceptive pill does not kill the pleasure of sex. Because if contraceptives suppress a woman’s libido, can sex with her be satisfying?

According to statistics, at least 60% of women of reproductive age use long-term contraception. One in three of them trusts the use of contraceptives, which makes them the most popular means of preventing unwanted pregnancy among their own sex.

Based on this large percentage, scientists in the United States are conducting a specialized study to establish the effect of contraceptives on female libido.

The effect was tracked by measuring the quality of sexual life in 450 couples. This made it possible to take into account the direct effect of birth control pills on women’s sexual desire, as well as on the sexual attitude of their partners. It was found that men’s libido is not directly affected by the type of contraception used by their partner. However, in women, the effect of contraceptives on libido is present. The good news is that with the most commonly used contraceptives, it is minimal.

It has been established that oral hormonal contraceptives not only do not suppress sexual desire in women, but can also stimulate it. Especially when they are in a long-term relationship with their partner. In couples in long-term relationships, a woman’s libido and, consequently, the quality of sex do not directly depend on the type of contraceptives used by a woman.

The study was conducted in parallel by teams of 2 US universities — in Kentucky and Indiana. According to scientists, the results obtained are enough to dispel the myth that birth control pills can weaken women’s sexual desire and affect their sex life with partners.

The results prove this – birth control pills as a contraceptive do not kill a woman’s libido. The reasons for possible sexual problems in women who use them should be sought elsewhere.


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