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MEMF » The effect of sex on the heart

The effect of sex on the heart

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Frequent sexual contact exposes men over the age of 57 to a double risk of cardiovascular diseases. However, in women of the same age group, almost opposite effects were observed, which ranged from an improvement in heart rate to a decrease in blood pressure.

Such conclusions were reached by sexologists and cardiologists from the University of Michigan during the first large-scale study on the issue: of how sexual intercourse affects heart health after 50 years. The researchers analyzed the data of 2204 selected participants aged 55 to 85 years. The risk of cardiovascular diseases was calculated based on the presence of arterial hypertension (high blood pressure), palpitations, increased levels of C-reactive protein, and general cardiovascular events – heart attack, stroke, or insufficiency.

Men have a strong dependence – if at this age they had sex more than once a week, they had heart disease twice as often and on average 5 years earlier than those who had sex less often.

According to the study, the workload and efforts invested in intimate relationships increase significantly with age, especially after the mid-50s, when men are increasingly faced with sexual problems, weakening of the muscles of the body, joint pain, and other age-related complications. . They also have more difficulties (physiological and psychological) with achieving orgasm, which often makes them overtired during sexual intercourse. This leads to a strong load on the cardiovascular system.

The use of drugs to improve sexual function and fluctuations in testosterone levels also negatively affected heart health.

After all, a moderate frequency of sexual activity at this age is still considered a guarantee of good health – physical and mental. But adventures more than once a week can have the exact opposite effect.

However, the ladies have a different picture – more frequent sexual contacts have a strong lowering effect on high blood pressure, arrhythmias, and other factors. Moreover, their manifestation occurs about 5 years later than in women with less frequent intimate contact.


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