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MEMF ยป What is a penis allergy?

What is a penis allergy?

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Pain, itching, and redness of the penis after sex can be symptoms of allergies. This type of allergy can have a huge impact on the sex life of any couple.

Every couple is looking for a stable relationship and a healthy and satisfying sex life. Regardless of how sexually compatible the partners are, a problem such as a penis allergy can disrupt their sex life.

Although there is also medical treatment for this problem, there are several steps that men should take to protect themselves from developing penile allergies.

Wearing underwear made of natural materials. Thus, the skin will not burn and redness will be avoided.
Avoid using questionable lubricants and creams that may contain ingredients that are potential allergens.

Here are some of the main prerequisites for the development of penis allergies.

Diabetes. Rash and redness on the skin may occur due to high blood sugar levels. These are atypical symptoms of diabetes mellitus. The skin of the penis turns red, and symptoms of balanitis develop. In such cases, antiallergic drugs do not have a special effect until the blood sugar level is lowered.

Latex condoms. Many men are allergic to latex in condoms. When the skin comes into contact with latex, it turns red, and itching and discomfort appear. People who have to work with latex gloves are more likely to develop this type of allergy.

The spermicides used to treat condoms, as well as other chemicals such as dyes and flavors, can also cause an allergic reaction. In pharmacies, you can find latex-free condoms, they are more expensive, but they solve the problem of latex allergy.

Infections. STDs are another cause of penis allergy after sexual intercourse. Such diseases are trichomoniasis, syphilis, and herpes. All three infections occur with redness and rash in the genital area.

Lack of lubrication. When sexual intercourse is performed too quickly, it very often leads to insufficient moistening of the vagina. This can cause red spots, roughening of the skin of the penis, and itching. Despite all these shortcomings. Such sexual intercourse is more painful for women than for men.

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