4 benefits of sex for the body

If we ask several people what sex brings, everyone will answer in their own way. For most of us, this is a way to have fun and fun. However, if we ask the same question to doctors, they will reveal to us how intimate contact affects our health. Yes, sex is not just a fusion of two bodies, but something much more.

Here are four ways that sex helps the body:

1. Relieves pain, reduces stress

The hormones that our brain releases during sex help relieve pain and reduce stress levels. A study conducted in 2010 at Princeton found that rats who were more sexually active were much less anxious. The reason is that sex stimulates the growth of cells in the hippocampus (an area of the brain associated with the regulation of stress and tension).

Although we cannot 100% compare rats and humans, there is a lot of evidence that the results in humans will be the same. One thing is for sure — the endorphins released during sex act as natural painkillers. Many sexologists recommend having sex or masturbating during menstruation because they are able to relieve menstrual cramps.

2. Sex strengthens relationships

As strange as it may sound, oxytocin, released during intimate contact, makes relationships stronger. When a couple has more frequent contact, problems in the relationship decrease. In the absence of sex in a relationship, conflicts between them increase due to a decrease in oxytocin levels. The more orgasms a man and a woman have, the more harmony there is in their relationship.

3. Sex takes care of the heart

Intimate contact can increase heart rate, and blood pressure and change breathing. Blood is directed to the penis, vagina, and nipples, which makes them hypersensitive to sensory influences. Since the body works more during sex than at rest, the act itself promotes cardiac endurance. The heart rate increases from about 70 beats per minute to 150.

Sexual activity can also harm the heart, especially in elderly people with health problems.

 Studies show that sex also strengthens the immune system. For example, a study by psychologists Karl Czarnecki and Francis Brennan Jr. showed that students who had sex once or twice a week had much higher levels of immunoglobulin A, which is one of the body’s first immune responses against viruses. That is, they have a lower risk of colds, compared with peers who have not had sex.

4. Sex is home fitness

Intimate relationships not only warm up the body but also help burn calories. If you try different poses, you will be able to load your body without going to the gym. There are major muscle groups that are definitely affected by sex, especially if it is longer. Increasing activity can help eliminate 85 to 250 calories. It’s not enough to get us in shape, and it can’t replace training with our instructor, but it certainly helps our body at least a little. Basically strengthens the hips, abdomen, and arms.


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