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MEMF » 7 Proofs That Vacation Sex Is Better

7 Proofs That Vacation Sex Is Better

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Sun, beach, sea, mountain resorts, swimming pools, long evenings in alcohol and entertainment… You are looking forward to the summer holidays, aren’t you? Or have you already indulged in summer passions, away from home, work, and daily duties?

The vacation period is the time when we will visit new places and spend much more time with our beloved … in bed! Or is it vacation time to see something new… Let’s face it: vacation sex wins points over the rest of the year – every time. Here are 7 facts to prove it:

  • The bed is not ours. Let’s be as strange, as “perverted”, and as primitive as we would ever be in our daily lives. Let’s leave the hotel staff to “wipe up the traces”.
  • No (real) obligations. The only thing we would have missed in the morning if we had not woken up on time was a bus tour of local attractions. But then… We’ll probably win with another orgasm!
  • The chances of having a drink in a hotel lobby bar as early as the first half of the day are high… Not that we mean that drinking sex is better, but it’s definitely not to be missed.
  • Neighbors don’t matter. Screams or noise in the room. It doesn’t matter at all since you won’t see your roommates for more than a few days.
  • The furniture is literally asking for it. It doesn’t matter what breaks, the main thing is to make it the way we want.
  • Room service means eating without leaving the room or washing the dishes. We order bacon and eggs, eat and cuddle some more.
  • We’re not at work tomorrow. We were all in a hurry to climax because we have to get up early for work tomorrow. Well, we skip that part too!

Every summer has its own story! Weekends or more to give yourself time to fulfill fantasies and long-awaited romantic moments. There is no better recharge!


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