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MEMF » A few secrets of a healthy sex life

A few secrets of a healthy sex life

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Healthy sex life is important and should not be neglected. Sometimes misunderstandings about this could hurt him. Here are some things to keep in mind…

Faking an orgasm can hurt

Faking an orgasm during sex may seem like a noble act in terms of your partner’s self-esteem, but it really isn’t. First of all, we deny ourselves pleasure, which is a bad habit. In addition, we leave the wrong impression about the partner. Over time, this can lead to unsatisfactory sex life.

When a partner masturbates, it does not mean that there is a problem

According to researchers, 91% of men and 76% of women masturbate, and this is not a sign of unhealthy sex life. Masturbation has its own benefits: it relieves accumulated stress, relieves menstrual cramps in women, helps against premature ejaculation in men, and can even improve sleep.

How often do couples reach orgasm at the same time?

For most couples, it is impossible to control this process. When we try to climax at the same time, unnecessary tension and, in most cases, frustration build up. Then it’s hard to give in to the moment. Instead, it is desirable to focus on giving each other complete pleasure.

Men really think about sex more often

The claim is one of those clichés that turns out to be true, the researchers say. According to the survey, men think about sex twice as often as women.

This does not mean that sex is not important to women or that they do not think about it at all. The same study found that women thought about sex about 10 times a day on average.


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