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MEMF ยป Can you get sick from sex?

Can you get sick from sex?

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For many of us, it sounds incomprehensible and even ridiculous to get sick after sex. However, there is a certain percentage of people who develop flu-like symptoms after intercourse.

These include fever, runny nose, lethargy, joint stiffness, and short-term memory loss.

Specialists refer to this condition as “Post Gas Illness Syndrome” (POIS).

In patients suffering from this syndrome, similar symptoms appear already during puberty. In most of them, the symptoms kill the desire for sex, and in most cases the possibility of such, due to pain and discomfort.

Until recently, experts believed that POIS is a mental illness, but recent research in the Netherlands has generated a different theory regarding the origin of this problem.

The specialists included 33 patients suffering from POIS. Each of them was injected with a diluted solution containing their own sperm.

The results showed that 88% of the men tested had a positive allergy test, i.e. they were allergic to their own semen.

Some experts are skeptical that allergies are the cause of this problem. According to David Resnick, MD, director of Columbia Presbyterian Hospital, the theory that men are allergic to their own semen is virtually impossible because the problem is that symptoms appear during production rather than after ejaculation.

POIS is a problem that has been solved recently. Doctors believe that effective treatment can be found for men suffering from this disease. They advise patients not to be ashamed and not to worry, as this will lead to additional stress affecting their emotional and physical health.

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