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MEMF » Size matters… with a woman

Size matters… with a woman

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The secret to the female orgasm may be more complicated than we think. Less than 25% of women report having an orgasm with every intercourse.

Looking deeper into the problem, a recent study attempts to explore the biological causes of the problem. It turned out that in women who have difficulty achieving orgasm, the clitoris is smaller and also more distant from the vagina.

Although most people are familiar with the outer part of the clitoris, the glans, which is extremely sensitive, it is not so well known that it is also under the skin. Below the glans is also the body, which extends towards the entrance to the vagina.

The inside of the organ branches into two structures known as “peduncles” that extend to the outside and are most commonly associated with urethral and perineal tissue, nerves, and tendons. The tissues that are located between the anus and the large and small labia are called the perineum, they cover the cavity of the small pelvis from below.

Scientists have found that in women diagnosed with anorgasmia – the inability to achieve orgasm even after stimulation – the distance between the glans penis and its body and the entrance to the vagina is about 5-6 cm more than usual.

These women are more likely to have a smaller clitoris. This explains Dr. Susan Oakley of the Good Samaritan Hospital in Cincinnati, Ohio, co-author of the study.

She, along with her colleagues, subjected 30 women to MRI scans, 10 of whom suffered from anorgasmia, while the remaining 20 were able to reach the peak of pleasure. Participants also completed questionnaires about their sex life, body image, and levels of desire and arousal.

Scientists have also established a connection between the positions women prefer and the pleasure they receive. They found that those who did not achieve orgasm preferred the missionary position, and those who preferred to dominate their partner received the greatest satisfaction from sex.

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