Hypersexuality is not a male trademark

When we think about people who are addicted to sex, usually in the minds of the majority of males images are visualized. However, studies have shown that women can just as easily behave in this obsessive and “harmful” way.

A new study traces the relationship between risky sexual behavior and hypersexuality in women, which is defined by intense sexual fantasies, impulses, or sexual behaviors that result in significant distress or impairment in social and professional life.

For the purposes of the study, 988 women took part in the online survey, most of them around 25 years old. They should rate the frequency of some of these situations regarding their sex life from “never” to “very often”. Situations like this: “ When I do something sexual, I feel less lonely” or “ My thoughts and fantasies about sex distract me from important tasks”.

There are also questions about masturbation, sex, and pornography-related habits. They help researchers distinguish between normal sexual hesitation and compulsive behavior.

The answers to all questions are then analyzed as experts examine the relationship between sexual behavior patterns, sexual risk behaviors, and the diagnostic definition of hypersexuality.

Unlike previous studies of hypersexuality in women, which found that women are more passive, the results of the present study showed that hypersexual women masturbate more often, have more sexual partners, and turn to pornography more often compared to hypersexual men.

It is associated with risky sexual behavior that can be dangerous in terms of safety and sexual health.

Dispelling some of the myths associated with female sexuality and understanding these issues can lead to more effective treatment.


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