Interesting facts about orgasm

5 interesting facts about orgasm

Orgasm during sex is important for achieving physical satisfaction. However, this is much more than just pleasure, as it can affect your overall health. Here are some interesting facts about orgasms.

Fact 1 – Condoms do not prevent orgasms

You should know that using a condom does not prevent orgasm. Contrary to popular belief that sensitivity is higher with unprotected sex, it is believed that women experience the same orgasm both with and without a condom. In fact, a condom serves a partner who does not want pregnancy, but the sexual experience lasts longer than without it.

 Fact 2 – Climaxes are hard to come by.

The second fact about orgasms is that women do not achieve them easily. According to research, a large number of women report having difficulty or even an inability to experience orgasm. Experts advise women who are having difficulty seeing a doctor, as the inability to orgasm may be associated with other diseases, including thyroid disease and others.

Fact 3 – It can take over 20 minutes to reach orgasm.

It is believed that it may take even more than 20 minutes to achieve orgasm. According to scientists, it is normal for women to have an orgasm much slower than for men. There are ways to delay your partner’s orgasm. If premature ejaculation happens frequently, you can even consult a doctor to find out what methods can help in this case.

Fact 4 – Orgasms get better with age

Orgasm actually improves with age. Experts in this field claim that the reason is more experience and more confidence. In addition, if the relationship is long, women relax more and achieve orgasm more easily.

Fact 5 – Orgasm is simulated by the female sex

Orgasm is very often simulated by women. A study shows that 80% of the fairer sex fake an orgasm at one time or another. Experts believe that this practice should be avoided, as a man does not learn to bring his partner to orgasm. In addition, women will feel dissatisfied with sex, and their desire for it may decrease.


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