Sex addiction – a real condition or an excuse?

The inability to get rid of sexual addiction, including incessant pornographic films and promiscuous sex with strangers, is a problem.

The question is, is this a real disease or just an excuse to cheat?

There is a “grey area” regarding sex addiction in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, although 12 million people in the United States alone suffer from it, according to researchers.

The term “sex addiction” first appeared in the Handbook in 1980 but was removed in 1994. In his latest edition, the section on sexual disorders only slightly hints at this condition. It mentions that “research shows that sexual response is not always a linear and homogeneous process and that the distinction between certain phrases such as ‘desire’ and ‘arousal’ can be artificial.”

Due to the lack of a classification of sex addiction as a mental disorder, many view the condition with skepticism and perceive it as an excuse for infidelity. Others believe that sex addiction is a real mental disorder.

These studies have shown that drug addicts of both sexes, as well as those who are not addicted, tend to respond to erotic images with the same level of brain activity. This raises the question of whether sex addiction actually exists.

For each person who has suffered a different behavior, the consequences are also different. Some may spend all their time and money on pornography on the Internet or in strip clubs, while others may spend all their time having sex with strangers.

Treatment for this behavior includes psychotherapy, medication, and attendance at self-help groups. The main goal is to help survivors manage their needs and limit risky behavior while maintaining sexually healthy relationships.


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