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MEMF ยป No morning erection

No morning erection

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Lack of morning erection – now what?

Morning erection is a normal condition in healthy and sexually active men. But should its loss be considered a symptom of erectile dysfunction, low testosterone, or another sexual problem?

A variety of factors underlie morning erections, and their loss can be a signal of both sexual and other types of health problems. However, in most cases, the causes are secondary, not serious, and can be easily eliminated.

Although to varying degrees, our nervous system is constantly active, even when we sleep. It is the nerve impulses sent by the brain at night that can provoke relaxation of the smooth muscles of the vessels, including those in the genital area, and lead to an erection. This occurs during a sleep phase called rapid eye movement or REM phase. It usually precedes the end of sleep, which explains why men often wake up with a morning erection. But what happens if it suddenly disappears?

Possible reasons for the loss of morning erection:

  • sleep problems;
  • neurological disorders;
  • Hormonal problems (low testosterone);
  • erectile dysfunction;

In most cases, especially in young men, these conditions occur as a result of other underlying factors that are easily overcome. These include:

  • Chronic sleep deprivation;
  • Alcohol abuse or smoking;
  • Taking certain medications (antidepressants, drugs to treat high blood pressure or prostate problems, etc.)

These factors can lead to long-term problems with more than just morning erections. If they are not addressed in a timely manner, they can also provoke more serious sexual dysfunctions in men. Thus, although it does not directly affect men’s sexual performance, the loss of morning erections should serve as a guide for taking action to improve lifestyle and adhere to healthier habits. It will never be superfluous to consult a urologist for the most effective recommendations for overcoming erectile dysfunction.

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