Products for erectile dysfunction

10 products for erectile function

Frightening erectile dysfunction. The reasons for it can be different – from emotional suppression to illness. However, every man should know that maintaining good sexual health requires some care. One of them concerns nutrition. This time we will not comment on how dangerous a diet rich in fats, and refined carbohydrates can be – every sane person understands that dough and greasy grilling daily are not good friends of health.

The blood vessels in the deified organ are very, very thin, and in order to fill it with blood as a sign of erotic masculinity, they must remain open and the blood circulates freely in them. Bad cholesterol cannot be a partner of good male self-esteem.

According to a recently completed study by scientists from Harvard and East Anglia Universities, certain foods contribute to men’s health. A glass of wine, drinking lots of citrus fruits and berries, apples and pears top the list. Just three to four servings of fruit or a glass of flavonoid-rich red wine can reduce the risk of erectile dysfunction by 21%, according to researchers. At the same time, the conclusion applies to men who have crossed the middle age and even entered the third age.

The magical ingredients in red wine and these fruits are flavonoids, known for their antioxidant power.

What other products can be added to the list of users for the physical realization of libido?

  • Coffee. The caffeine in it speeds up the metabolism, supports blood circulation, increasing the heart rate. This, in turn, forms the desire for physical activity and increases endurance. The feeling of energy and sex itself also releases stored fat, which again is associated with a feeling of tone and the presence of energy.
  • Oysters are not yesterday’s aphrodisiac. The big problem with them is that they are hard to get fresh anytime, anywhere. These are men’s food because they are rich in zinc and vitamin B6, vital for the synthesis of testosterone, without which there would be no masculinity. Nuts and seeds are an alternative. Raw, of course!
  • Red hot peppers – at least we Bulgarians love hot peppers, and hot peppers are often on the table, whether raw or pickled. This week, information emerged that red chili prolongs our lives and reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease. In addition, the study involved 23,000 Italians who consumed them more than 4 times a week, reducing the risk of coronary heart disease by 44% and the risk of dying from a heart attack by 61%.
  • Why is this a deviation from erectile dysfunction to heart health, you ask? For those who haven’t heard, erectile dysfunction mostly occurs after the deterioration of the cardiovascular system! Be careful with your health!
  • What is the effect of hot pepper and chili? When we eat them, we warm up, blush, and start to sweat. The filling of vessels with blood occurs not only on the face but also in the small vessels of the penis. For now, you need a strong heart and a healthy, plaque-free circulatory system.
  • Bananas are probably the most affordable source of natural potassium. Due to the presence of a sufficient amount of potassium, a balance with sodium in the body is maintained, and, accordingly, blood pressure is normal. High blood pressure is not only unpleasant because of physical discomfort in the short term and heart problems in the long term. It is the destroyer of our libido. In addition to bananas, you can get potassium from eating oranges or potatoes with the skins on.
  • In order for the vessels to have a lumen and remove harmful cholesterol from them, each man needs a sufficient amount of useful omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids. Raw salmon is an aphrodisiac delicacy. You can also eat two pieces of mackerel or tuna.
  • To function properly, our nervous system needs certain nutrients, such as vitamin B1, which can be obtained from juicy pork steak. Contrary to expectations and mass recommendations – this is a fact, but it is true provided that you do not overdo it with crumbs! B vitamins can also be obtained from whole grain bread and legumes: beans, lentils, etc.
  • Anthocyanins in cherries and other rich red, blue and purple fruits also have a protective effect on the arteries, preventing them from accumulating fatty plaques and developing atherosclerosis. Peaches, nectarines, prunes – they can diversify your fruit menu. By the way, purple cabbage also contains anthocyanins.
  • Allicin is a characteristic compound of garlic. It is also present in onions. Improves blood circulation and prevents the accumulation of fatty plaques. By mixing them with fresh parsley, mint, or other spice, you can Illuminate the aromatic characteristics of a particular dish.
  • Wine is useful with the popular resveratrol, which dilates our blood vessels by releasing nitric oxide. The line “The truth is in the wine!” obviously not accidental, because this property of resveratrol, respectively wine, makes it comparable to Viagra. However, the drink only works when consumed up to 2 cups, otherwise, the alcohol ruins the good effect of resveratrol.
  • Finally, we offer you a snack after a stormy night. Let it contain oatmeal. Due to the fiber they contain, they also help to cleanse the blood vessels of cholesterol, and also make them smooth and elastic.


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