Sex makes marriage happier

Sex is the secret of a happy marriage. This is stated in a new study conducted in America. Sexual intercourse has a more positive effect on emotional attachment between couples and strengthens it, according to the results of a study by Dr. Andrea Meltzer, published in the scientific journal Psychological Science.

To date, many studies emphasize the role of a couple’s activities in maintaining a relationship. However, they only work in the short term, and a longer and happier marriage depends on good sex, scientists say.

Less than 24% of married people have sex 4 or more days a week. Otherwise, caresses under the blanket can also be classified as mirages, according to the International Society of Sexual Medicine.

Sexual intercourse fuels us for a longer period of sexual satisfaction, which also increases relationship satisfaction, says Dr. Meltzer’s team, who studied 214 married couples at different stages of marriage. From the answers in the detailed questionnaire about their intimate relationship, it is clear that her love activities excite us and make us love another at least two days in advance. This does not change depending on age, gender, personality traits, duration of relationships and other factors.

According to the respondents’ results, couples who regularly had sex expressed much greater satisfaction with their partner and had a more stable relationship.

Many other studies show that the lack of sex can lead to many problems in relationships. Often men or women feel rejected and underestimated because of the “silence” in bed. Many psychological conditions can also be the culprits of the lack of desire for sex. For example, with depression, we often experience an inability to enjoy activities that usually bring us pleasure, including sex. Medications and alcohol can also worsen libido.


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